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With over 17 years in the shoe business; we can talk shoes!


In the face of mass production of shoes, how can I identify good quality shoes?

look out for the following: sturdy soles, in-sole and arch, if shoe seams are well tucked, heals are securely attached to the shoe. They are usually produced in small batches.


Must I pay more to acquire good shoes?

While price may not be a determining factor or a guarantee of quality, let it be a guide. When shoes come dirt cheap, it is an indication that low quality materials were used in the production.


How often should work shoes be replaced?

Shoes are to be replaced every 3 - 6 months. However, a lot depends on the quality of shoes you bought, how frequently you use them and the maintenance you apply.


How can I identify good leather shoes for men?

Ensure that the upper leather material is made of full grained leather as this is more durable. It ages well and a dab of polish brings out a good shine.


Do shoes expire?

There is no clear indication on the expiration of shoes. However, factors such as quality of construction, usage and maintenance influence how long your shoes can last.

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