Xan Exclusive shoes and bags

stylish, unique and comfortable shoes, with quality purses to match

The Xan Story

At Xan Exclusive we recognize the challenge a lot of ladies face when preparing for their special days; wedding days, landmark birthdays, anniversaries etc.  You need sets of shoes and bags to match your special outfits, while making you look stylish and unique; so as to out-shine everyone else; after all it is your special day! 

Yet the ladies do not want to step out at their special events wearing what everyone is wearing, lacking exclusivity and style. Some struggle so hard to mask their pains and discomfort in ill-fitted shoes. It gets worse as they are the celebrants who must move around to meet and greet everyone. The discomfort may get so unbearable that the shoes will have to be removed in favor of flatter shoes or slippers!

The Xan Story cont'

We create our own unique designs and send to the shoe factories for production. By so-doing we avoid the school uniform effect of stepping out on your special day to see practically every lady wearing same design as you! This is because we love what we do and have worked with ladies long enough to know what they require each time.

We provide stylish and classy shoes that are very comfortable. We cater to adult sizes and put your feet structure into consideration; be it small, large or regular fit, we have you covered.

Established since 2003, Xan Exclusive was borne out of the desire to kit out ladies in stylish shoes and bags that will make them stand out, looking elegant but still comfortable..

We keep growing

From a humble beginning of a mini shop at New Balogun Shopping plaza in Lagos Island, Xan has grown to add shops within the same plaza and at Sura International Market, also at Lagos Island. We have also expanded our products to include shoes for men and the youth.

We will be glad to have you

a toast for quality

meet our amazing CEO with an eye for style and quality

She designs and directs the production of the shoes to ensure quality and uniqueness

Xandra and the team await you. Visit us at shop 38 New Balogun Shopping plaza, 3/5 Gbajumo Street, Balogun, Lagos Island; let’s kit you for your special event!