Xan Exclusive Shoes and Bags

You don’t need to endure pain to be stylish! Our shoes are stylish, unique and comfortable, with purses to match. 

elegant plum heel shoes
Elegant stone green shoe and bag
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Xan sequined shoes

Let's fit your feet with Xan's classy shoes!

At Xan’s,we understand your challenge of trying to locate elegant and stylish shoes that will set you apart on your special day. We also understand your pains trying to fit your feet into some stylish shoes, even when you find them. Xan Exclusive shoes offer you those rare designs that save you from the school uniform effect of the crowd; after all, it’s your day! Our shoes are well padded and structured to give you an elegant fit with maximum comfort. 

Visit us at Shop 38, New Balogun Shopping Plaza, Balogun Market, Lagos Island. We will be glad to fit you with our range of elegant shoes.


Shop 38, New Balogun shopping Plaza, 3/5 Gbajumo St, Balogun, Lagos Island